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Best Brooklyn Bed Bug Treatment and Removal FAQ

We know it can be very worrisome to find bed bugs in your home. We are here at Bed Bug Treatment and Removal to answer some of the more common questions our customers have.

Bed bugs are rusty red in color. They cannot fly and are very small. They can range in size from 1mm to 7mm, about the size of an apple seed. The grossest part of a bed bug is they need your blood, or an animal’s blood to survive and breed! They can, however, go for long periods of time without a meal. Bed Bugs will travel long distances to find a host and meal.

Bed Bugs do not pose any health risks to you or your family. They can cause things like, loss of sleep and itching from the bed bug bites you might get at night. Someone who may itch a bed bug bite excessively can cause a secondary skin infection. In very rare cases, someone could have an allergic reaction to a bed bug bite that might require some medical attention.

Bed bugs are travelers who will hitch a ride on just about anything and anyone. They can even travel via your pets! Whenever you travel it is best to look over your room meticulously, paying close attention to the beds, head boards, curtains, upholstered couches and chairs. Those are the more common hiding spots for bed bugs. Bed bugs are night feeders and sometimes can be difficult to spot during the day. Bed Bug Treatment and Removal specializes in accurate bed bug detection. We will take our time and treat all areas of your home and business, so your bed bug infestation will be gone for good!

Anytime is the best time to call in a professional pest control company. But the sooner you start the beg bug removal process the better! They can spread to other areas of your home or business, causing the situation to worsen. So don’t wait too long to get help! We at Bed Bug Treatment and Removal are ready to tackle any size bed bug infestation with our accurate detection process. We are above the rest when treating bed bugs, and will go the extra mile to treat all those bed bug hiding spots.

Bed Bug Treatment and Removal will never use any dangerous or harsh chemicals around you, your family, or business. Unlike our competition, we strictly use all environmentally friendly products to remove bed bugs from your home or business. You can rest easy knowing that your family, pets, and business will be safe during the entire beg bug removal process!

We know this is not something anyone wants to spend a ton of money on. That is why Bed Bug Treatment and Removal keep costs low and will work with you and your budget. We have some of the most affordable prices around! We also, offer all our customers 100% guarantee!

Bed Bug Treatment and Removal is ready to help you exterminate your bed bug infestation quickly and efficiently! Give us a call today to set up your appointment! 646-647-8011

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